Bowter 06308659cb21626ef167bd1742cae0f30c6721c4d1a192ee5fc80edcab9f5f7d  


Bowter is my first IOT project. It is a self-charging boat with smart technology that let you hop on and hop off renting it with only your smartphone

* Prototyping and bulding the boat
* Webpage
* Linux system and IOT platform

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Scaaler ede47a8495cfe2b6bbcd2083873c6980bee19e2d451fb430811ca290286b42a8  


Scaaler is a hub, co-working space and a business building unit located in Arvika, Sweden.

* I was involved in creating the first concept, and webpage * Architect of concept

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Telenor services bddf30966d0a4ad9aa091afb642b34c2c9c933e6cdd6eeabe766c58f05c182e3  


The Global Wholesale business unit of Telenor is the international communication provider of Telenor Group, offering global reach with managed quality to customers worldwide. They deliver high quality interconnect solutions within Voice, Roaming, Connectivity and Digital services; providing you with the world at hand wherever you are.

* Master architect of IR21 system that improves existing workflows involving receiving and verifying partner IR.21 * Automatically transfer data via API to update external systems

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Datek 8ee63263ffe247e566f95058c8eb93d1848a0fdb6d4a064b4b1cf9e90e2c9e3c  


Datek is one of Norways leading developer of industrial iot applications

* I worked with sollution for tracking transfer buses on gardermoen
* Worked with systems for controlling airplane fueling
* SMS services

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Individlabs 8e4733e60fdf7cae8cc27248220d303788ee02ac01c4b1c3a689aa349b093a6f  


Individlabs is a personal profiling system working with smart ways to classify users and helping people automate web and app-processes

* Automation in capturing user behaviour
* Real time anlyze of Big-Data from user intervals
* Smart api-functions to help customers utilize data on-the-fly

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Reemove 4c3d9bcb4ef8b5df3c2d6d9d0e8fdefda0a544b00490565548879593d9e20c53  


Reemove is a development agency focusing on helping startups and creation of new projects that need high degree of innovation and fast past development.

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Startedbyme 980d6d5a6e51e26b3a992fd47308a2d1a880e8bbfab4a69e1d2a41cb2cfd8162  


StartedByMe is a network where you can register your startup and present it to other people. You get a good presentation that is responsive on every platform.

* import automaticly from social media
* Import press-releases automaticle
* Social functions and sharing

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Taskwrapper 8d8359166bb0e4cc8209136cc0ff424f26d7e0a52b4a9cca9383755be809b7a6  


Co-founder of a service that uses images and videos to create a brand new to-do app.

* Upload of images to s3, autoscaling
* One page app with full responsiveness
* Map function and collaboration roles

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Relinklabs 1e9db63f95ffb2cfe2a0c99b8bfa65b5ab3c7fca38735e73c8729bf21f9f129d  


I was architecht, investor and senior developer for relinklabs big-data system. The system binds together information from a numerous social platforms making smart prediction for talent aqusition.

* Scraping and API integration for a numerous of services
* Intelligent search with scoring and weights
* One-page app with rails and angular

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Thiefspa 318579e0d369c640152bbf04047b5c525c4723a843bb9669b9978d73a84495e6  


I was main developer for thiefspa in Oslo. It's one of the most exclusive spas in Norway

* Booking system
* 3d view
* Responsive design

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Maxlivesport 0d8ea7ee842f0b4ee27ec4622692116c89114339b4d75e91a9aea317b74e9dd0  


I was leading development and support for TVNorge live football and hockey app,

* Real time deliver of sport data
* Push with longpolling and sockets
* Voting sollution with sms confirmation

Intertainment 91da16515600cddab441cd2fa0611a27b85f73065d334152f0ecbc7de471ca94


I was CTO of SAAS platform with customers as TVnorge and Microsoft. Intertainment developed second screen solutions coupled with a API service feeding TV and Sport data for app-development and real time services.

* Peak data autoscaling systems
* NoSql storage, Solr powered search
* Heroku, S3 file storage

Needbox 13454231674dfc0dc2730c893f9dc9e01bdcad281d831efaf3758a12166eb08b  


I was lead developer and CEO during startup phase for

* Selling and offering of small services (microtasks)
* localization via google maps
* Full responsive design
* Automatic invoice system

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Safepac 9a8e5b4f77e953088c66244046f3bea5f25f0a983df126960fa912c5c1366ae8  


One of my bigger projects, the site has gone through severel improvements. The site sells courses that fouses on transport of dangerous goods, and has a leading position in Sweden.

* Automatic course system , licenses with diffent pricing
* Full backend invoice system with automatic creation and bundling of invoices
* Advanced my page functions with invite functions and reports

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Dagbladet bbf36161df883c93a8e25e181c6eeb5164239e201be36ad22404378860ad887d - Labrador 2

I was project leader and architect for Dagbladets second revision CMS system Labrador

* Traffic intensice site
* Solr powered search and information gateways
* Advanced image cropping techniques
* Drag and drop grid-layout system

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Magellan 09afbf0b2722424752829d91a586acb80913b3c3dbf50f7dc09d61d6f422914f  


Magellan it's a employment bureau. And I have built a higly automatic system including search in uploaded cv documents and automatic schedules.

* Automatic search in all uploaded documents
* Online schedules
* Full search and indexing of incoming email
* Advanced background system

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Inspiria 4ed2ee33c1bbdd78e6ab6313115282f6561ee88be81efda150755115f650e1ca

EXPOLOGY - Inspiria Kildebordet

I developed a admin user panel for inspiria which lets you add object and storys around a timeline. This information was used one big touch displays in their exhibition halls, the project included flash upload techniques and a softicated tag system.

* File upload with progress bar
* Autocomplete tag system input
* Geobase search system
* Invite system
* FAQ system for training

Vilvite af868890f85bb9f98acbfd2fd4f97d95734dc4c9fe072c1d273c087e4034b230

VILVITE - Norway,Bergen

I have been a part of developing a "my page" portal for visitors to the "vilvite" center in Bergen.

* Functions for user storing their experiences as videos or picture with sofisticated encryption techniques
* Grup functionalities and sharing
* Full Language translate support through Zend framework
* Share through facebook and other media

Jonas Ulveseth

Jonas 1fe4f4cd7deca80887ff9b1f480d8a93c53997bc7d11cc90aa0fff6f27a15caf
Jonas Ulveseth combines a background from coaching, sales and leadership with more than 15 years experience from programming in php,rails,javascript,html and web architecting. He is also a experienced teacher and driving force behind several startups and projects.