Forget UX-design, the future is PX-design


Apple introduced a new standard in interface design. It took the whole industry to a whole new level. People where not satisfied with half-good system any more. We now want user experiences that is easy to understand and navigate. But as the industry matures there is still something fundamentel that is not addressed yet:

Very little in websites and apps are tailored to us as individuals

There is already signs of this in the industry, it is not enough to be good, you have to be individuak good. Apple are ramping up their data scientist hiring efforts and Google has been working with this for a very long time, as it is a big part of google search engine.  You can not fit all needs, but that is eaxactly how the future are going to pan put. The future is called:

Personal Experience Design

How will this look? Machines will become better at figuring out exactly what you want, and will then adapt to your needs. This will have huge effects on the percieved quality of the service as every personal experience will be tailored and unique to that user.


Read more about how individlabs system work.

Jonas Ulveseth

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Jonas Ulveseth combines a background from coaching, sales and leadership with more than 15 years experience from programming in php,rails,javascript,html and web architecting. He is also a experienced teacher and driving force behind several startups and projects.