Social networks killed the daydreamer

I remember in my twenties when I travelled through Asia. How boring it was sitting on a bus full of people for 14 hours. But it in that vacuum many of my ideas that I´m now persuing was created.

And in some way the mobile phone and consuming social-media + news has taken that away from us. We are no longer searching inside us, visualizing and modeling our ideas.

Now whe have other peoples ideas to take part of.

In som way you could say that the mobile phone with internet killed the daydreamer, but I think social networks is creating more frequent user patthern that is more compelling to consume.

I try to take an hour every day to daydream, and it is not easy :)

Jonas Ulveseth

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Jonas Ulveseth combines a background from coaching, sales and leadership with more than 15 years experience from programming in php,rails,javascript,html and web architecting. He is also a experienced teacher and driving force behind several startups and projects.