Sales and parents

Had a discussion with my wife about the dangers of having to little feelings and being to pragmatic.

I had a period in my 20's where I got deep into sales. I was really good at it and it really destroyed me.

The problem is this

when you start to think about actions and consequences there is something dangerous creeping in. You can do things that are against everything you stand for, because acheiving the goal is so seductive.

The brain is really good at lot´s of things , but when it comes to making decisions it really sucks!


The brain has only 2 stages: YES/NO
And it cannot really take in all the multi-faceted circumstances that the future holds..

What are best for you - as a person?

What will make you feel good, and keep you going over time?

This is just some of the questions that are really complex and you need your feelings for.

Sadly I see this in parents also, sometimes mental constructions are being forced down on children because "it´s the right thing" or "It makes sense"

Jonas Ulveseth

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