IndividLabs becomes

I am developing and merging with a Norwegian company to create a totally new product aimed at growth hacking technologies towards small to mediaum sized startups.

It will be fueled by IndividLabs techonologi which analyses personality profiles directly on-the-fly. Together with tools as A/B testing, bounty based marketing etc.

More tom come..

Bowter SVT article

Proud to have created this nice bowt that is 100% self sufficiant.

Safepac International

We have now launched Safepac International. It is the international expansion of the sucessful swedish company that creates online education towards the transport sector in sweden.

check it out :



8 Reasons Personalized Websites Are the Way of the Future

Out of the 100 billion searches conducted each month on Google, there is one thing in common of all searches - everyone is looking for something. And, when someone is looking for something online, you must either help them along the way or get out of the way.

Technology and the Internet is making it easier and easier for each of us to be in control of our purchasing decisions. When we want something, we get it now or maybe even yesterday (via UPS from Amazon). Anything that stands in the way or makes this difficult for us to do is negatively perceived. The fact that technology allows us to be more personalized and in a hyper-speed way is all the reason you need to realize that personalization is the way of the future for websites, but before we explore even more reasons for a personalized website, let’s look at what websitepersonalization is.

What Is Website Personalization?

Website personalization is the use of behavioral, demographic or even anonymous user data to create dynamic and customized website content for each user. Website personalization allows marketers to create a unique marketing experience that ultimately helps to grow business. To make website personalization happen, marketers need to effectively use marketing software to collect data through cookies, forms and other data sources, but they also need aCMS that allows them to seamlessly turn it into action with website content. Some examples of website personalization in action include:

  • eCommerce sites displaying similar products or making past purchases easily accessible

  • A sign in screen for customers vs. demo request on the homepage

  •  CTAs with content relevant to the user’s interests

Get more examples of how to use personalization here.

Website personalization puts the user’s needs first. In today’s Internet savvy world, the user’s needs have to come first to win the sale. Although the need for website personalization is already very evident, in the future, website personalization will no longer be an option but a necessity. Here are 8 reasons why:

8 Reasons Personalized Websites Are the Way of the Future

1. Google Is Doing It

Every minute 2 billion searches are performed on Google helping to make it the most visited website on the Internet. What is it that makes Google more successful at navigating the online world than any other company? Arguably, it is their deep concentration on putting the user first. From local search results to a smarter inbox, Google is the way of the future, and the company is the future because it cares deeply about customizing the web experience to the user.

2. The Way of the Future Is in the Device

One of the most effective and pretty much necessary elements of a personalized website is tailoring the experience to the user’s device. According to a study by Compuware Corp, 49% of tablet users say they are less likely to visit a website again in the future if they experience problems on their device. On top of this fact, Google’s Mobile-Friendly algorithm change that favors search rankings to websites optimized for mobile makes website personalization based on the device necessary.

3. Personalized Websites Keep Negative Emotions at Bay

Nearly 75% of online consumers get frustrated when a website displays irrelevant content. “Frustrated” - this is just one of the many ways to describe the feelings and consequences that occur when marketers neglect to personalize their website experience to the user. Personalization leaves visitors delighted not feeling negative about their interaction with your brand and website because you shared content that was “irrelevant.”

4. The Timing Is Always Right

Time has always been of the essence, but it is even more important in the online world where a web interaction can be disconnected by the quick click of a mouse. Time, however, doesn’t have to work against marketers. The back button doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship with potential customers. With website personalization, you are able to wisely time how and when to interact with visitors. If the time is right for them to buy, you allow them to easily do that. However, if the time is right for them to learn more about their problem, your website can do that.

5. Visitors Stick Around Longer

When IBM wanted to boost their website's performance in 2013, they turned to a more dynamic content approach that uses real-time data to deliver the most relevant content to their website visitors. As a result, IBM has seen a 269 percent increase in average time spent on the site. The more time visitors spend on a website, the more opportunities you’ll have to engage and move them further down the funnel!

6. Conversion Rates Improve

In a comprehensive study, HubSpot found that calls-to-action targeted to the user had a 42 percent higher view-to-submission rate than calls-to-action that were the same for all visitors. This means that personalized calls-to-action go a long way, nearly 50 percent, in improving overall conversion rates for your website.

7. The Future Won’t Tolerate a One-Size Fits All Message

Seventy-five percent of consumers like it when brands personalize messaging and offers, according to an Aberdeen Research Report. Outside of growing submission rates from CTAs, a personalized website also allows you to personalize messaging and offers to make your brand more influential. Personalized websites are the way of the future because one-size fits all messaging won’t work with today’s consumers.

8. Personalization Is Only Creepy if You Make it Creepy 

You may have heard the argument that personalization is creepy or invasive. However, context means everything with personalization. For example, you wouldn’t want to be like, “Oh, hey first time site visitor who I’ve never met before, would you like to get married?” A bit of an exaggeration, but, point being, personalization is only creepy if you take it out of context. Yes, you’ll have to use your social skills a bit to judge the extent of personalization you should do. Just don’t be that weird guy at the bar asking a girl to feel your biceps. On your website, it’s OK to treat a customer like a customer by presenting a sign in button conveniently. Conversely, it’s OK to recognize a repeat visitor interests by displaying relevant content. 

Personalized websites are a great asset to marketers as well as website users. In the end, marketers are able to more effectively utilize websites. At the same time, users have to deal with less noise and only get the content they want. Why do you think personalized websites are the way of the future? Share your comments!


Individlabs helps with implementing a personalized website or app in under 5 minutes

Check it out

IndividLabs launches personalized A/B testing

We are very excited to soon roll out personilized A/B testing. It will provide an easy way through a wysywig editor to change images, text and structure to test towards different personality types.

This increases the A/B test efficency and conversion rates mulitples times compared to other A/B testing services.

Dator vann i avancerat spel – ”mänsklig intuition”

Världens bästa spelare i brädspelet Go, sydkoreanen Lee Se-dol, fick på onsdagen se sig besegrad i sitt gebit – av ett datorprogram signerat Google. 

Vinsten – som övervakades av hundratals experter, reportrar och en domare – kallas för ett genombrott för den artificiella intelligensen. 

1997 vann datorn Deep Blue över dåvarande schackmästaren Garri Kasparov, men enligt experter var Go-matchen en helt ny utmaning. Go beskrivs som mycket mer komplext än schack och de otaliga kombinationerna i spelet innebär att datorn måste ”ha en mänsklig ’intuition’” för att kunna vinna. 

Som ett exempel kan spelare öppna på 361 olika sätt, jämfört med schackspelarnas 20.

Apple, Google and Elon Musk are investing in artificial intelligence: What is their plan and who are other key players?

This week Apple has bought artificial intelligence startup Emotient with focus reportedly set on analysing facial expressions.

Elon Musk, Amazon Web Services, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel (and others) are also investing in an open source AI project to drive AI development in a way that maximises its benefit on mankind.

It's hard to pinpoint the exact path that AI will take, but with companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft making huge strides and Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk calling for AI to be regulated and monitored, it is definitely a hotly debated topic.

Intuition beats A/B testing every day

I am all for the lean startup methods. And i think it´s always good to test thing s in small scale before going big. But there is one thing that is even faster. It is called intuition, software companies is often dominated by data-driven type of personalities. And it has it´s strengths. But it can also create a stale environment where every buy button and new page has to be tested. 

In small startup this can really slow things down. And it can demotivate creative induviduals. But running on pure intuition is also dangerous and can send you on totally wrong path, so here is some suggestions when developing you business intuition.

* Do something that you are really interested in, not only the end-game, this will give you energy during low-peaks or downtimes, and you have more peace to take good decisions.

* Practice to try and think outside your own scope. If you are a male, how does a female think. How does diffrent personalities think and age sectors. 

* If something gives you a good stomach feeling. Break it up and analyze it. What is good about it? Why do you feel that way? That will teach you to detect bad decisions in a early stage 


Remember when machine learning was hard? That’s about to change


A few years ago, there was a shift in the world of machine learning.

Companies, such as Skytree and Context Relevant, began popping up, promising to make it easier for companies outside of big banks and web giants to run machine learning algorithms and to do it at a scale congruent with the big data promise they were being pitched. Soon, there were many startups promising bigger, faster, easier machine learning. Machine learning became the new black as it became baked into untold software packages and services —machine learning for marketingmachine learning for securitymachine learning for operations, and on and on and on.

Eventually, deep learning emerged from the shadows and became a newer, shinier version of machine learning. It, too, was very difficult and required serious expertise to do. Until it didn’t. Now, deep learning is the focus of numerous startups, all promising to make it easy for companies and developers of all stripes to deploy.

But it’s not just startups leading the charge in this democratization of data science — large IT companies are also getting in on the act. In fact, Microsoft now has a corporate vice president of machine learning. His name is Joseph Sirosh, and we spoke with him on this week’s Structure Show podcast. Here are some highlights from that interview, but it’s worth listening to the whole thing for his take on Microsoft’s latest news (including support for R and Pythonin its Azure ML cloud service) and competition in the cloud computing space.

You can also catch Sirosh — and lots of other machine learning and big data experts and executives — at our Structure Data conference next month in New York. We’ll be highlighting the newest techniques in taking advantage of data, and talking to the people building businesses around them and applying them to solve real-world problems.

Forget UX-design, the future is PX-design


Apple introduced a new standard in interface design. It took the whole industry to a whole new level. People where not satisfied with half-good system any more. We now want user experiences that is easy to understand and navigate. But as the industry matures there is still something fundamentel that is not addressed yet:

Very little in websites and apps are tailored to us as individuals

There is already signs of this in the industry, it is not enough to be good, you have to be individuak good. Apple are ramping up their data scientist hiring efforts and Google has been working with this for a very long time, as it is a big part of google search engine.  You can not fit all needs, but that is eaxactly how the future are going to pan put. The future is called:

Personal Experience Design

How will this look? Machines will become better at figuring out exactly what you want, and will then adapt to your needs. This will have huge effects on the percieved quality of the service as every personal experience will be tailored and unique to that user.


Read more about how individlabs system work.

Todo + Chat = Taskwrapper is opening up for the open beta. The vision has always been to combine todo with chat to create an effective GTD app that speeds up developing in small projects or startups.

One thing we put a lot of work into is creating image uploads where you can put markers on top. Perfect for design jobs or prototyping.

check it out: 

Social networks killed the daydreamer

I remember in my twenties when I travelled through Asia. How boring it was sitting on a bus full of people for 14 hours. But it in that vacuum many of my ideas that I´m now persuing was created.

And in some way the mobile phone and consuming social-media + news has taken that away from us. We are no longer searching inside us, visualizing and modeling our ideas.

Now whe have other peoples ideas to take part of.

In som way you could say that the mobile phone with internet killed the daydreamer, but I think social networks is creating more frequent user patthern that is more compelling to consume.

I try to take an hour every day to daydream, and it is not easy :)

Glöm anställningar - kontraktsjobben är framtiden

Kontraktsjobb håller på att bli det nya normala. 2020 kommer 40 procent av amerikanerna vara kontraktsarbetare. Fyra trender driver på utvecklingen.

Kontraktsjobb håller på att bli det nya normala. Redan 2020 kommer 40 procent av den amerikanska arbetsstyrkan att bestå av kontraktsarbetare. Det är framförallt fyra trender som bidrar till den här utvecklingen.

Snabbväxande taxibolaget Uber har redan 160 000 kontraktsarbetare, men endast 2 000 anställda, enligt Techcrunch. Företag som Handy, Eaze och Luxe har också skapat en hel del uppmärksamhet inom det som kallas "1099 Economy" eller som den också brukar kallas on demand-ekonomin. 

Även i Sverige driver fler och fler egen firma och flera startups kopplar samman frilansare med kundernas efterfrågan.

You´re the only one

I heard something in a podcast that really made an impact on me. It was the co-founder of wired magazine Kevin Kelly that said that his greatest fear was not missing out on any opportunity, but not using his full potencial. He asked this simple question:

What is the thing that no one can do, but me?

It made me think - what is that for me? It is a really powerful question!

Sweden way ahead in attracting outside capital

And compared to norway..


Sweden is way ahead of attracting outside investment. Could this be of earlier hits like spotify, skype and mindcraft or do you think there is a diifrence in buisiness culture?

The 24 coolest tech startups in Scandinavia

Scandinavia have some really cool startups. I found this article from business insider that list the top 25 compaines in scandinavia.


Google is planning new headquarters in mountainview hacked

Lenovo have been hacked, probably after news earlier this week that they install malicous adware that places ads on websites visited on their computers..

This is how ther site looks like now :

Sales and parents

Had a discussion with my wife about the dangers of having to little feelings and being to pragmatic.

I had a period in my 20's where I got deep into sales. I was really good at it and it really destroyed me.

The problem is this

when you start to think about actions and consequences there is something dangerous creeping in. You can do things that are against everything you stand for, because acheiving the goal is so seductive.

The brain is really good at lot´s of things , but when it comes to making decisions it really sucks!


The brain has only 2 stages: YES/NO
And it cannot really take in all the multi-faceted circumstances that the future holds..

What are best for you - as a person?

What will make you feel good, and keep you going over time?

This is just some of the questions that are really complex and you need your feelings for.

Sadly I see this in parents also, sometimes mental constructions are being forced down on children because "it´s the right thing" or "It makes sense"

Concept is the new information

Never before have we had so much information at our fingertips. Everything i searchable.

There is blogs, wikipedias, screencasts, deep-digging journalism...

So now maybe we can start to focus on learning concept understanding and larger thinking.
Maybe schools could focus on stuff like emphathy, reflection, causality, human understanding.

What an crazy idea!

Action and reaction

It´s sometimes so hard to see the gap between your actions and reactions in life. And because of that, you sometimes get a feeling of having very little control.

But I have a feeling it´s exactly the opposite :)

It´s all about trust..

Top ten mistakes startup makes

Really good presentation from Guy Kawasaki

"If you're not working on your greatest idea right now - your doing something wrong"

The qoute is from David Heinemeier Hansson the creator of Ruby On Rails.

It's really hard sometime to evaluate what is "the best" idea. The brain comes in and syas "it´s much better that you do this first". Then you can use that money to develop what you really want.

But the stomach feeling says something entirely diffrent. After many choices and many failures I still come to the conclusion that the choice that give you the right "feeling" is the best. Even if it may fail in the end.


Jag är väldigt stolt över att inom kort presentera en väldigt fin köp-och-sälj plats för dig som önskar att göra något meningsfullt med pengarna du får.

Det följer min filosofi om att försöka recirkulera våra resurser.

Lägg ut någonting idag och donera allt från 5% till 100% till välgörande ändamål

Jonas starts High-End consulting firm

For a number of years Jonas has developed startups from the ground up working closely with a number of highly skilled developers,graphic artists and buisiness entrepreneurs.

All this is coming together into itá own consultant company, with base in Arvika (west sweden). Aming at the Oslo market.

"It feels very good to have a foundation for future investments and development. With the development structured as it´s own entity it's easier to develop good processes around the pipeline in the critical startup phase"

Jonas Ulveseth

Jonas becomes Almi mentor

Mentor starta

Jonas becomes mentor for tech startups in Värmland.

You can now apply to Almi to join the mentorprogram for free. This will give you the right for 1-2 meetings a month with Jonas where he will coach you regarding building and marketing your service.

Jonas Ulveseth has experience from more than 20 startups and is an expert in business development, finding right talent and raising money for your startup.


This speach is one of the best speeches I know. And it really says something about being a entrepreneur. Life is a lot of choices and often i go against the "smart" thing to do to follow my heart.

The One Question Every Entrepreneur Asks

Sooner or later every entrepreneur, no matter what industry, wants to know the same thing.

Check out this article!

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

Check out this really good article about creative people!

Read more

Relink - Social recruiting

I am having the pleasure to work with the people at relink ( and we are reshaping the online recruting business.

Really excited for this job, can't wait for it to be released

Jonas Ulveseth

Jonas 1fe4f4cd7deca80887ff9b1f480d8a93c53997bc7d11cc90aa0fff6f27a15caf
Jonas Ulveseth combines a background from coaching, sales and leadership with more than 15 years experience from programming in php,rails,javascript,html and web architecting. He is also a experienced teacher and driving force behind several startups and projects.